Keep Calm At Christmas

We heard the news last night, of greater restrictions across the United Kingdom.

This has been a year of all sorts of uncertainty, changed plans, upheaval, disappointment … and it has also held blessings.

Now, we must decide what it is that we shall focus on.

Each day we have the opportunity to choose what it is that we shall focus on … practically, mentally, emotionally. We each have the choice.

I usually love to go out and choose a fresh Christmas tree for our family’s living room, but this year we shall be using a little tree that I have grown myself. This little tree has a twin, which I employed in the service of being our Christmas tree for 2019 too. I bought the two trees several years ago, when they were tiny and cost £5 each. Over the years they have grown into the perfect little Christmas trees … and they have immeasurable value now.

Each of these Christmasses, 2019 and 2020, has held challenge on a deeply emotional level for our family. The thing that helps always, is to be very calm, to focus on what is light and where the oxygen is, and to notice and appreciate where the blessings are.

I have trimmed this little potted tree, removing the untidy bits and placed it in the living room, ready to be decorated with simple white lights and white / clear decorations, with sparkles. Around the base of the tree, the pot is surrounded with a covering of silver foil, to spread the light.

Today I shall calmly write a few Christmas cards, this year everything minimised again, and am going to set a little simmer pot of citrus/cinnamon/cardamon/cloves onto the stove to accompany a carols CD playing in the kitchen. We’re making the ‘spirit of Christmas’, counting our blessings and cutting our cloth accordingly.

I am praying that our daughter will make it safely home for Christmas, as our son has already done, and that loved ones around the world and nearby will all be well. We shall be staying firmly at home, keeping everyone safe by not going out and not endangering others in the process.

Let’s do what they did in the war, in order to come through the toughest of times … Keep Calm And Carry On.

Thank goodness we all have the means to communicate via so many methods now!

With mindfulness and love,

I send you peace.

Holly x

PS. Today we shall light the fourth of our Advent candles as well … the greenery comes from the garden … another blessing … there are blessings all around.

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