Books As Friends And Holly’s Reading List Update

Who loves to read?

Do you love to read to grow, to learn, to relax, to be inspired, motivated, guided … or do you simply like to have a few books lying around or sitting prettily on a surface in your styled space?

Since I was a little girl, I have loved to read. I was given very good books to read as a seven year old child in a convent boarding school, or to accompany me on flights alone at that age, and my adult home has always had books in it.

From birth, my children were read to and they are both natural Readers still.

Books are friends. The Authors of the books, even if we do not know them, are the allies who get out of their own way in order to deliver a message.

As a Writer myself, I have one piece of advice to anyone who wishes to learn or to inspire: Get out of the way. Allow the creativity to flow, allow yourself to be captivated.

When we read original works, we have the Authors’ crafted presence to benefit from, but more than anything we have the content that has come from Creativity and the Muse itself.

The works that result from experience and inspiration are the ones, for me, that carry the greatest value in every sense.

As part of this ‘magazine website’, which I still refer to simply as my Blog, I have compiled a page for my Reading List.

A few days before Christmas, I updated the Reading list and have added some books and links there for you to explore.

One of the latest additions to my recommended book list is “An Entertaining Story”, by India Hicks. I was delighted to learn about this book’s recent publication and, indeed, am looking forward to receiving it, myself, as a belated Christmas present!

There are other books by India Hicks and different family members or biographers, which I am looking forward to exploring in due course too. When you peruse my Reading List, you will discover why!

This is the link to my updated Reading List:

It is refreshed and renewed from time to time.

My next challenge for the Reading List will be to compile it into an organised system, for my blog audience to easily use as a book reference and resource. One step at a time! This entire site and every aspect of it has been a work in progress.

I hope you have had a very happy Christmas and that you will enjoy finding more ‘book friends’ among those listed on my Reading List!


Holly x

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