Narcissism Is Foul

DSC06699 - THTT signed. Daffodil. Narcissus. (c) The Holly Tree Tales.

NB. If you recognise that you are experiencing the negative influence of narcissistic behaviour, please seek support for your mental wellbeing and fortitude.  Remove yourself from any environment that is toxic to you, as soon as possible, and employ positive, constructive ‘tools’ to rebuild your emotional and psychological strength.


Narcissism is foul
It destroys everything in its wake …
and will stop at nothing to get its own way.

Narcissism thrives on chaos and mental confusion.

Narcissism seeks its prey, pins it down, isolates it, and manipulates until it has sucked the well dry.

Narcissism dressed is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, bleating at the gate.

Narcissism is the complete antithesis of love.

Narcissism seeks nests to hide in, takes from others what it does not earn itself, and succeeds in devouring all goodness, all sense of lightness and all flow.

Narcissism uses others regardless of their status, age, resources, creed or background.

Narcissism is good nature wrapped up in deceit and shallow mindedness.

Narcissism hides in grey areas of life and moves fast to cover its tracks.

Narcissism hides behind elegance, intelligence, charm and a wide smile.

Narcissism is the younger cousin behaviour of the Sociopath.





© Holly M Maxwell Boydell
All rights reserved.




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