A Shropshire Lad In Berwickshire

Rose. A Shropshire Lad. David Austin Roses.  (c) The Holly Tree Tales.  www.TheHollyTreeTales.com


These beautiful blooms, from my garden last Summer, are called “A Shropshire Lad”. They’re one of the David Austin Roses’ selection of beautiful English roses.

I planted one of these in our last garden in NSW, Australia, and have planted four on the walls of our home in Berwickshire, UK.

They are such lovely plants, their early leaves a deep burgundy, which develop into the deepest, healthy dark green.

The blooms start out rather alarmingly tangerine, in the soil here, and then the flowers develop into an elegant and graceful luscious shell pink.

The fragrance is gorgeous and the roses flower with abundance. I love them!

Soon they’ll be back in bloom, as we move into the warmer weather in the UK.

I must finish the pruning this week and shall be giving each plant a liberal feeding of woodash (for potash) and leafmould (for mulch), each ingredient produced on our organic acre in the British countryside.


Holly x




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2 thoughts on “A Shropshire Lad In Berwickshire

    • Lovely to hear from you, Diana! Yes, they certainly do, so good that you’re giving yours some too.

      PS. Today I picked the first of the “Shropshire Lad” blooms of the season, to put onto the breakfast table. Already started to release their fragrance as they warm up and open indoors.


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