Narcissism Is Foul

NB. If you recognise that you are experiencing the negative influence of narcissistic behaviour, please seek support for your mental wellbeing and fortitude.  Remove yourself from any environment that is toxic to you, as soon as possible, and employ positive, constructive 'tools' to rebuild your emotional and psychological strength. ♥   Narcissism is foul It … Continue reading Narcissism Is Foul

What Is Brave?

Today my attention wandered to the WordPress Reader, a screen where one can see a list of latest posts published by WordPress bloggers, feeling a little lost in the process of swapping computer screens, my day having passed fairly unproductively thus far.  Perhaps I was instinctively looking for a little plank to stand on in … Continue reading What Is Brave?

When We Feel Heard And Valued

When we feel heard and valued, we find that we can do amazing things. Have you found that even the most optimistic among us begin to falter and slide, when integrity is challenged by the judgement and misunderstanding of others?  I have seen this happen to people with great promise, who have been put upon … Continue reading When We Feel Heard And Valued

Shine Anyway

  Shine Anyway The devil will hold on for dear life, but when he loses his grip, he loses his grip. Cheesed off to the enth degree, mightily ****** off, yes, but when he loses his grip that's that. Do not be afraid of anything. Have faith and keep facing forward, with determination and a … Continue reading Shine Anyway