How To Break Chains

DSC03963 - THTT signed. Peace. Mindfulness. Meditation. Calm. Statue on the stairs. (c) The Holly Tree Tales

Take a moment to be calm and to simply breathe …

Here are a few key things that we can each apply in our daily lives, to bring about positive and healthy change in a variety of ways:


helping others,
appreciating the abundance of the planet
and doing what you can to tread lightly,
sharing out of what you have,
opening your mind to the possibilities
of making a difference right where you are,
trusting in divine providence,
minding your own business,
refusing to gossip,
attending to your own responsibilities,
always speaking the truth,
being honest in all your dealings,
bringing things out from the darkness and into the light,
facing difficulties,
taking care of your own attitudes,
looking after your body,
practising compassion,
doing the correct things that you expect others to do …

All of these and more,
help to free the mind from mental chains …

And all of these produce good brain health.

Good mind health
= good brain health
= good body health
= good life
= peace
(regardless of your outward circumstances).


Live Free!




With love,

Holly x



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