A Little Bread Story

IMG_8480 - THTT signed. Organic. Sourdough. Bread. Baked in Aga. Real Food. (c)The Holly Tree Tales. www.TheHollyTreeTales.com

Do you love to create ‘food for the soul’?  Here’s a little ‘story’ written a few days ago.

There is nothing nothing nothing like the joy of creating real bread. This. Sourdough, mild and flavoursome, no nasties, no machines, just pure and utterly alive, all the deliciousness.

I started developing this loaf a few days ago, a little step each day of building the dough from a small amount of starter.

This morning, I created the dough by adding remaining quantity of strong, organic bread flour, organic olive oil, salt, honey – added to the runny ‘batter’ of developed sourdough mixture that had been building since earlier in the week. Kneaded and kneaded and kneaded, then popped carefully into a large, floured soup pot. Lidded, set it aside to grow big enough to fill the pot. A few hours later, slashed the top, slipped the pot onto the floor of the ancient Aga’s roasting oven. And let the bread do its amazing magic …

So satisfying, so real, so heartwarming, and so lovely to have something from the heart of home to share with my children … each will take a hunk away to their places of work and study this week. Mmmmm …

Hygge all round!

Holly x


IMG_8484 - THTT signed. Organic. Sourdough. Bread. Crust and inside loaf.  Baked in Aga. (c) The Holly Tree Tales.  www.TheHollyTreeTales.com



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