Diamonds Are Made In The Rough ~ A Poem

DSC00447 - © Holly M Maxwell Boydell - The Holly Tree Tales - White Amaryllis against black velvet.



Don’t ever give up.

Whoever you are, whatever you’re going through, don’t give up.

You matter.

You are made of the dust of the stars.

You are a unique and precious child of God.

You belong in this beautiful universe,

Your steps are valued on this precious earth.

YOU were created for this time.

Your time is NOW.

Keep on.

Keep on.

Keep on.

Sooner or later, it gets easier … it really does …

Don’t ever give up.

Let Life lead you forward through life.

Let Hope be your guide.

Let yourself be the most beautiful self that you wish to be.

Don’t ever, ever give up.

You are loved.

Whoever you are.

Wherever you are right now.

God sees you.

He’s in the air you’re breathing,

God is in the flowers.

You are His flower.

Don’t give up.

Never give up hoping for the sunshine and the light.

Light always follows the night time,

Daytime always comes.

Hope never ever runs dry.

Keep on keeping on.

Let Hope be your guide.

Let Laughter find you again.

Keep moving.

Do not ever give up.

Life still wants to play.

Life calls.

Life loves you.

Love will always win.

Diamonds are made in the rough.




~ Holly ~



Written on Friday 20th July 2018, in the United Kingdom.

© Holly M Maxwell Boydell
All rights reserved.



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© Holly M Maxwell Boydell       All rights reserved.

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