Raise The Vibe


Sometimes in life, it is the fewest words that say the most.

Gratitude goes a long way towards lifting the atmosphere in any environment.

Appreciation for what is in our lives, what others have invested into our lives, the presence of others in our lives, the opportunities that await us or present themselves to us, all of these are starting points for gratitude.

Gratitude is a key to joy, and joy is a key to mastery over any circumstances.

Be grateful.
See how life lifts when we are.


With love,

Holly x



PS. If you like this quote, you might also like to follow my Instagram account, where little quotes, notes and other ‘writings’ appear from time to time as well.

PPS.  You might also like to click on the new page in The Holly Tree Tales‘ menu bar, called “Books“, where you will find a reading list being created as of this week.  The page is set up to mention various authors and their books, for Readers to peruse, and includes links to order the mentioned books online if you wish to do so.  Under construction still, the list will continue to evolve over the coming days and then be added to over time.

We are planning to create a list of products, which might be of interest to Readers of The Holly Tree Tales tooMore on those, at a later date.

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