Faith And Love

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Part of the remains of a 900 year old cathedral, at St Andrews …

Got me thinking that it’s just as well faith in God is not based on bricks and mortar, denominations, church boards, or even coffee morning rotas …

It is love that is what is meant to demonstrate to the world that there is such a ‘thing’ as God, and it is spiritual truth that enables love to overcome so much that tries to hinder joy on earth.

It is “not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, says the Lord” …

And that is why Jesus is more alive today than any of these monuments.

I knelt beside a homeless, broken lady today and prayed with her, after giving her a tiny gift of a sandwich and a drink that I had bought quietly beforehand. This lady is broken, she has had so much joy and love taken from her, has seen her life break apart since involvement with an organised group of religious zealots and losing her husband …

The moments with her were precious, but all I could do was pray and trust for miracles and restoration in her broken world. That faith is worth more than anything and I pray that God, through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, is sending angels to tend to her every need and heal her completely, from within. I am praying for that miracle …

No monument can deliver on that, nor any organised religion.

Only faith in a living God can truly transform a broken person’s world.






This post was written on Saturday 10 February 2018, onto Instagram, after a visit to the town of St Andrews in the United Kingdom.


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