Forgive To Be Free

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Forgive To Be Free


When I was a teenager, after my first stepfather died, tragically, I remember discovering deep inside me a thought that the deeper the pain, the more the capacity for love / happiness / joy … as if the pain was like a drill, making space to fill the void with good / better / best in time. I am grateful that I learnt that early in life … I have needed it many times since.

Whatever you are going through right now, and I know that some of my dearest and oldest friends are, know that ‘this too shall pass’ and you will come out of it a more beautiful, more wise, more powerful human being … if you let the experiences turn themselves into gold, burnt in the fire of affliction.

Bitterness is never a good idea. Bitterness only hurts the one carrying it around and bitterness in the soul creates all sorts of disease in the body.

One of the best ways I have heard recently to handle pain inflicted on us by others, is to ‘thank them’ (not necessarily in person) FOR GIVING us the experience.

We can each use the negative, vindictive, thoughtless, mindless, unjust things that have happened to us, to grow and refine us. Diamonds look like nothing until they’re polished, and the more they go through in the earth, the more beautiful and valuable they become.

Be a diamond.

Let yourself be moulded like the finest gold.

Let go of the bitterness and the crappy stuff that torments you …

Let it fly away and know that the universe will deal with those who have harmed you, that everything will come back to them, and that you do not have to poison them with your thoughts.

Everything comes back, good or bad. So focus on the good stuff on the planet, the good people, the beautiful things all around us, the beauty of your own precious soul, and the one life you have been given to live NOW.

If this has meant anything, know that I could not have written it without the full mastery myself. I have walked this path and I have done the stuff to the max. Trust me.

The only person we can work on is ourselves and the only person each of us can change is ourselves. The universe will act according to the amount of love that we give to the beautiful human being within and the amount of love that we project … remembering that anger is purifying too … no one said we have to wimp out.

God bless, my friends.

Know that you are really loved …

And forgive, to be free, yourself.



~ Holly ~




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