What We Work And Fight For


The thing that you work and fight the hardest for, is the thing that will bring greatest satisfaction, and be appreciated the most, when breakthrough comes. Nothing truly worth having ever came easily, at least not without great moves of the ground beneath first …

Grace is what gets us there … “full measure, pressed down, overflowing”, with everything meaningful intact. Gold is not simply plucked off the fields … Gold has first to be beaten down, fired up, refined …

Don’t ever give up.
Don’t allow others to squash your dreams.
Don’t let others’ judgement over you be what determines the outcomes of your Life.
Listen to the still, small voice within …
And turn up the volume until it ROARS.

Get hope. Keep the faith.
Trust. Do good. Believe.
Stand firm.

The best is yet to come.



Holly x


PS. This was written originally on 6 February 2017.




“Don’t fight people; fight fear and discouragement.”
~ Victoria Osteen




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