Do You Have A Story To Share?

  Did you know that there are people worldwide who are looking for information on how to gain knowledge in any field and are using the internet to do so?   Do you have a story that you would like to share with others who might be helped by it? Are there things in your … Continue reading Do You Have A Story To Share?

Why Do I Write ~ Revisited

  Asked: “Why Do You Write?” Answer: “I write because I can’t draw …   No, that is not entirely true. I write because it is the music I make without a keyboard with sounds. I write because I have written since I was a little girl, learning to spell, standing in line to have … Continue reading Why Do I Write ~ Revisited

An Eagle Moment With A Master Coach

Here's a little Once Upon A Time pic ... London circa 1988.  Do you know who the gentleman is? I loved to attend his motivational talks, always took copious notes, thrived in the vibe of possibility and positive thinking, could listen and absorb hours and hours of wisdom, never tired of the greatness, the teaching on growth, mindsets and … Continue reading An Eagle Moment With A Master Coach

Channel Your Adrenaline

  Does this make sense to you? Did you know that we can find ways to use our fear as fuel, our strong WHY we wish to change our lives and become better versions of ourselves? I have experienced years of living in adrenal overdrive - it is a recipe for disaster - and am … Continue reading Channel Your Adrenaline

A Mindful Third Anniversary Of The Holly Tree Tales

    This week I received a surprise greeting from WordPress, reminding me that the beginning of January marks the anniversary of the launch of my blog, The Holly Tree Tales.  As has happened similarly in the previous two years, the reminder came with a little message saying: "Achievement Happy Anniversary with! You registered … Continue reading A Mindful Third Anniversary Of The Holly Tree Tales

When Your Blog Becomes A Dot Com

  Dear Readers, Last Saturday, 18th November 2017, was an auspicious day for The Holly Tree Tales blog ... it became A Dot Com ... and was apparently "doing somersaults in excitement!" In other words, this website, The Holly Tree Tales, went from being a WordPress Dot Com, to a Dot Com in its own … Continue reading When Your Blog Becomes A Dot Com

Evening In The Heather Hills

  We sat way up in the heather hills, nibbling our daughter's deliciously crisp ginger biscuits, chatting as a foursome while the sun went down, marvelling at the rainbow that had only moments before arched in magnificence over us. Alone in the hills, we four and our hound, the powerful, full, rainbow seemed a promise … Continue reading Evening In The Heather Hills

Autumn Has Arrived And Swallows Have Flown

Autumn has arrived, in our little pocket of country and, while birds sing in the morning sunshine, there is a distinct absence ... the swallows and house martins have flown.  This realisation feels like a mixture of things, not least a sense of having been left, the environment abandoned as the wise ones travel to … Continue reading Autumn Has Arrived And Swallows Have Flown

My Journey Into The University of Life

Having delivered my son, the youngest of my two children, to a prestigious international university at the weekend, I find myself ready to share the thoughts that are streaming through my mind right now ... keeping the feelings of emotional adjustment at bay, while I picture our son adjusting to his new life in a … Continue reading My Journey Into The University of Life