My Talking Hearts Podcast Is On Google

Today I stumbled upon the most exciting news!


Having applied to Google to have Talking Hearts included on Google Podcasts, I have been waiting to hear from them as to whether or not my podcast had been accepted.

I am also waiting to hear from Apple, to have Talking Hearts included in the Apple Podcasts stream.

Today, I felt a prompt to do a quick search to see if the podcast comes up on Google and imagine my surprise when I saw it sitting right up at the top of the first search page!

As it happens, I had been playing with a heart image today, as the logo is yet to be created for the podcast and other technical things to be attended yet. Thus, as soon as I realised that Talking Hearts is now a featured podcast on Google Podcasts, I felt that perhaps I had been guided by a loving unseen hand!

The quality of the broadcasts still needs work and there is possibly going to need to be less live streaming, due to the unreliable and sometimes weak internet signal that we have where I am broadcasting from, at home.

However, having learnt recently that there is something known as ‘beta’ which is all about trial and error and fixing and testing, I imagine the first twelve episodes, a season, can simply be referred to as the Beta Version of Talking Hearts!

I hope you will enjoy listening to the content collected over those twelve episodes, even though the presentation is rather ‘amateur’ still!

NOW, please may I ask for your help to bring more traffic to the podcast and to help me to grow this new venture?

Please head over to Google Podcasts and subscribe to my podcast there


And subscribe to follow Talking Hearts on Podbean as well.

This is all part of a most exciting journey of getting a number of things in place and I look forward to bringing you more value as I master the dials!

More news soon!

With love,

Holly x

The new #podcast “Talking Hearts” is now available on Google Podcasts!! This is so exciting! Come and be a part of Holly Maxwell Boydell’s treasured founding group of Listeners!
#Authenticity #PodcastHost #Leadership #TalkingHearts #Mindfulness

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