An Eagle Moment With A Master Coach

Holly & Jim Rohn -  circa 1988 - © Holly M Maxwell Boydell

Here’s a little Once Upon A Time pic … London circa 1988.  Do you know who the gentleman is?

I loved to attend his motivational talks, always took copious notes, thrived in the vibe of possibility and positive thinking, could listen and absorb hours and hours of wisdom, never tired of the greatness, the teaching on growth, mindsets and practising authentic love in the world.

This man was much admired while he walked the earth, his teaching, coaching and example continue to have huge appeal and influence to this day!

For some years, I lost various parts of my life, including memory of all sorts of language, experiences, chapters and learning times, as my focus went deeply into getting through numerous new experiences, challenges, unfamiliar attitudes, pressure, condemnation – and wonderful new growth as well.

I ‘disappeared’ from life in certain ways, life disappeared too, as I fought my way with determination, in the dimmest light, focused on what was good and right and beautiful, blessed and superbly done … That and my faith in God, love conquering all, tough tough love at times … got me past the moments in the valleys, rejection, judgement for not being or doing or having “enough”.  Apparently … If they had only reserved their criticism for scouring filthy pans and instead practised the love that had blessed them with life!!!

Slowly but surely, I open my eyes from the ‘years that the locusts have eaten’ and I see … God is completely restoring my life! All the important pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are being put back together, something not unlike a little Kintsugi pottery seems to be going on! I have tears in my eyes as I write this, or it writes itself (more to the point).

I give thanks for all the lonely times when God was my refuge and my strength, when I found things to laugh at, when Nature gave me ‘hugs’, when Holy Spirit wrote reams of words that helped other people and for the pain that enabled me to crack so badly that I refused to waste energy being fake.

Who is this man? Yes, he is the highly respected author, speaker, entrepreneur & coach, Jim Rohn (d. 2009) …

More soon.



Holly x


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