Why “The Holly Tree Tales”?

Someone asked me recently why I had called my blog “The Holly Tree Tales” and whether it had some special meaning. I was pleased to be asked, as I had been meaning to write about this ever since setting up the blog on 1 January 2015!

If you have ever seen a holly tree in berry, the chances are you will also have noticed how attractive these juicy fruits are to the birds, as the season moves towards the coldest time of year.

Where we live in the British countryside, we are fortunate to have some long established holly trees in a little woodland area beside our house. On the other side of the house is another substantial holly tree and several others are growing here and there – self sown some time ago no doubt.

I have always loved holly trees and have a natural affinity for them, given that we share a name! My birthday is two weeks before Christmas, when much evidence of holly appears as well and here I have been fortunate to be able to pick our own berried holly to decorate our home during the festive season for the past few years.

Living here, with several mature holly trees near the house, as well as the occasional seedlings appearing in the gravel around the house, I feel as though these trees have almost been given the job of keeping watch and protecting me!

But that is not why I called the blog “The Holly Tree Tales”.

No, the reason I named it as I have, is that I have had the name “The Holly Tree” with me since starting a business from home, when my youngest child began to attend school, in 2002 and it seemed a good fit with all of my ethics then as now.

That business was based on promoting and creating, sourcing and sharing all sorts of things that were good for home, body and lifestyle. The range of products were mostly based on herbs, organic ingredients, natural resources and the gifts of the honey bee hive.

I loved “The Holly Tree” in its first incarnation, a micro business that I started in Australia and grew over four years, with a vision to turn it into something special worldwide. It was my dream to see “The Holly Tree” products and outlets take root around the world, offering nurturing and healthful, natural environments and items for people to find respite and to feel loved.

There are many reasons why holly is such an apt and significant name and the tree is perfect to associate with my work and what I create or teach, which is always in some way about empowerment. For me, the holly tree signifies ‘all things good’.

Holly trees have a strong, positive presence and are invaluable for providing shelter and food for wildlife, during all seasons, as they are evergreen. Before the berries appear on the trees that can bear fruit, tiny white blossoms provide precious nectar for bees and other pollinators. They look like little white stars.

Have you ever looked at a holly tree on a dull day? Next time, notice how the leaves radiate any light they can capture and shine out. Not many other trees do this and so the symbolism resonates even more. The trees have beautiful white wood; their young branches have bark that is dark green.

Apart from their prickly nature, these trees are very handsome and elegant indeed, responding very well to shaping and pruning … which, as in personal development (another natural affinity of mine), is true of human life as well.

I could no doubt continue to expand on the virtues of the holly tree (ilex aquifolium), but this will suffice for now. Would you agree that it is quite intriguing how appropriate the name “The Holly Tree Tales” is for this blog and website?

It is my hope that you’ll love what you read, hear and learn about here. It is all based on personal experience, authenticity, many years of learning and observing what is and sharing what works.

What is featured or written about at “The Holly Tree Tales” always comes from the heart.



Holly x

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