Elevate Your Thinking

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About mindset in a troubled time …


Elevate Your Thinking

This is the perfect time for the world to learn the power of faith and elevated thinking. It behoves us all to stop spreading the F.E.A.R and instead to practise L.O.V.E.

We plant a seed and we expect it to grow; the seed grows in the right conditions for it. Plant the right seeds, in the right way, in the right soil, water the right amount, nurture, stand back and watch the growth. You choose the seed.

We plant seeds of thought and our seeds of thought impact our lives, as well as those around us.

Become mindful of the influences that you are living under and the people you are listening to. Be mindful of what is going in through your eyes and your ears and your senses. Our brains are picking things up from other people and from the environments where our bodies are. Be mindful of the power of the collective energy around you – city, office, town, village, whatever your location – as this will, especially with repeated exposure, affect you and your thinking.

Be sensible, take precautions and become more aware, but at the same time become more and more relaxed. Relaxation is a powerful tool for mental clarity, as well as being powerfully effective for the health of your body and your mind.

You do not have to go into lengthy periods of meditation every day or try to become an accomplished Yogi … you can simply take one or two minutes every hour to mindfully yawn, slowly stretch, and relax … do this three times once an hour, and you will notice a shift, as well as increased awareness.

Meditation is a very powerful tool, so by all means do it for 7-30 minutes every morning before you begin the rest of your day, but the length of time is not what makes it work more effectively. It is the frequency and the actual awareness that is most effective and we become better at this with practice … easy on ourselves and appreciating our selves and our own efforts. Savouring the little things that we do, being kind to ourselves.

“Love your Neighbour as you love Yourself”, now more than ever this is the time for this … spread light, spread love, spread hope, spread smiles, spread peace … and that starts inside each one of us.

Bless us all on this beautiful planet Earth.

Let’s elevate the vibe, mindfully and with empathy and compassionate listening.

Light always wins over darkness, but it does need to be welcomed in.

Become more mindful and you will see light spread around you, if that is what you choose to focus on.

With love,

Holly x



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