Think About What You’re Putting Out There

Today on Twitter I have recorded a brief mindfulness message.

You can listen to it here:

This is the Transcript:

Think about what it is that you are putting out there, for the rest of the world to read, to listen to or to look at it. 

Is it feeding your spirit to do this? 

Is it feeding others’ spirits?

Is it uplifting others? 

Is it helpful?

Is it kind?

Does it make this small planet that we all spin along on together a better place to be?

Is it helpful?

Is it leading well?

Think about it.

Be mindful about what you are putting out there; what you are regurgitating from others.

Be mindful about how you are living, yourself, and what others are watching.

Just be mindful; become aware and see where you can do things a little better each day.

Think about it.

Thank you.


Holly x


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