I Believe In Miracles

I believe in miracles.

This week a lady who lives a life of ‘freedom as a digital nomad’ and shares travel and freelance goodness, heard me speaking on Clubhouse about my podcast and challenges ahead of the upcoming season, which will include Guests.

Yesterday we had a meeting and I have been given homework to do, before the next time we speak a few days hence.

Why did we meet?

Apparently this lady is going to make sure that I have everything that I need to plug in
all the components needed to make the podcast journey a smooth one.

What is this going to cost me?

Absolutely zero in money terms.


She simply wants to help me to make a success of this.

I thank you, God, for helping me to stick to the path you have put me on. In my own strength and with the resources that I have at my disposal, there is a limit … [yes, I know, there are no limits really] … but with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

And the standard of the help that I have been offered / guidance given is absolutely impeccable.

I have had the most incredible week.

Thank you Life for it all … the potholes, the mess, and the smooth roads that are there even when everything negative tries to make sure that I crash. Not on God’s watch.


Flip I am so ready for a holiday at the beach or a nice relaxing country life.

Here we fly.

Oh my.

Thank God for miracles and the spaces where I spend my days in the ether.

What are the obstacles that are in your way?

Mow them down with belief … and hold on, because it is one hell of a ride at times.


Holly x

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PPS. Here is more information about the “Talking Hearts” Podcast.

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