How To Grow Your Life

Today I thought I would tell you a little about myself, as this is my blog and it was first set up to do just that, as well as to add value to your journey in life!

These are a few words I wrote in February 2020, on another platform, which give a little peek into some of how I do life. It is important to me to always be growing and learning and lifting others up in the process of my journey. I hope this will give you a little inspiration for your life.

As a Mother, a Mentor, a Person, a re-emerging Business Woman and a Coach in training* … I find it INCREDIBLY important to continuously fill my brain with good things.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

I want to be a source of light, knowledge and support for my Family, my Friends and for ALL of my Clients, Colleagues, Customers (and my Followers💕)
I read a lot and have several books on the go at the moment.
I am constantly learning in all sorts of ways and have taken several courses / attended webinars online, busy with one or another, new or ongoing, every month of the year.
I invest time in working with and being amongst people who light me up.

Much of my interaction with others is online, internationally, and I also take the time to be with people meaningfully in person and for fun. [with the current pandemic situation, this is naturally curtailed]
I make the time each day to write in my journal, read Scriptures, pray, write down my gratitude, and get fully centered in my purpose.

I do all of this so that I can serve and live to my greatest and best capacity.
I invest in myself so that I am worthy of ‘investment’.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
If you want to create massive momentum in life and income in your business, enhancing your life and health and relationships … I suggest you do the same. 😉
What do YOU do to fill your cup?
How are YOU investing in yourself?

Russell Brunson says:

“I fill my cup FIRST so that I can pour abundance into every human I come into contact with.”

Russell Brunson’s book “Expert Secrets” is on my list.

I am always learning and love upping the game of life!


Holly x

PS. Here is the link to Russell Brunson’s book, “Expert Secrets” (click here) The book is FREE – you only pay the shipping cost. “Expert Secrets” is highly recommended to anyone in any type of business who wants to make a difference and to see their business grow online.

* I have now graduated as a Mastermind Professional and Knowledge Broker, and am preparing to launch my masterminds. More on that topic later!

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