International Womens Day Empowerment

I salute every Woman and Girl I know or know of, who is pressing on, pressing through, and putting love before all else in her one life on this planet.

You go, Girl.

Keep shining your heart and putting your message out there, trusting for a changed and more caring world / planet for our children to inherit.

Let’s keep it authentic and let’s “never, never, never give up”. *

Be all the Woman you were meant to be and fill your pretty shoes your best way, lifting and empowering as you rise.

With love,

Holly x

PS. For your encouragement and for some thoughts and inspiration on a range of real life and inspiration topics, eg on authenticity, courage, mindfulness, forgiveness etc, listen to Season One of my “Talking Hearts” Podcast. You can subscribe to / listen to Talking Hearts on any of the following platforms:


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*(Sir Winston Churchill)

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