My Newsletter, The Whisper, Is Published!

I did it! “The Whisper” went out at 3.44am today, Monday 11 January 2021. It has been a massive journey to this point.

It feels so good to have knocked over another hurdle, to have pushed through, to have birthed this at last.

It is merely another step, but it is also a ‘giant leap’. This is a leap of faith, it has come with so many growing and birth pains.

It might look effortless or like not much at all, but this little moment is a very precious and meaningful one.


I am deeply grateful to my family and friends and different, special, communities I am a member of, for standing on the sidelines, in the wings, lifting me, encouraging me, holding me, cheering me on.

Dear Lord, giving up has never been an option. God knows it all.

The books wait, the stages are now virtual, the whole world has been turned upside down, but those who ‘wait upon the Lord’ renew their strength.

I live hourly under the guidance of our Higher Power. In my own strength I am sweet nothing at all. The mountains are too high for me. I am weak and God is strong.

God has got me well trained; particularly difficult and unbelievably painfully over the last 3 years.

I have stood and I have kept on in every wind, tide, pothole, crushing blow to my spirit, my heart, my soul, my everything.

This Newsletter, “The Whisper”, is not me boasting or posturing or being a big shot. This is just another brick in the wall … but it is a strategic brick and it was shaped by blood, sweat and tears.

It comes, in its simplicity, fully formed in dust, mud and trial. It is a symbol of a multifacetted journey. It is a step on the road.

And, as I reached the final leg yesterday, I saw that the personal photo included is of a woman wearing Ferragamo. That made me laugh. I hope my Grandmother in heaven is looking down and cheering on.


Here is the link, if you want to join the mailing List.

I’d love to have you in my community of real people growing ourselves.

I’d love to help you to “max your life well”.


Holly x

PS. The shoes belonged to my Gran. They are very precious indeed. They, too, have a story to tell.



Note:  This post was first published on Instagram.

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