Landing On Clubhouse And Getting Acquainted With A New Audience

My goodness what a journey!

Looking back momentarily over the past several years, I stand amazed and humbled at the process I’ve been through.

If you are using the new app called Clubhouse, you will see the outcome on my profile currently and it is just a snapshot.

This is what it says today:

From complete breakdown to speaking live!!

👉 I love to help others to max their lives well.

🔑 Authenticity is key.
I do life & business from the heart. 🤍

🏆 Blog:

🏆 Internet Marketing Service:

🏆 Podcast: “Talking Hearts”
Podbean, Apple, Spotify, Google etc. Season 2 with guests soon!

👉 My #Newsletter, “The Whisper”, was first published on 11 January 2021. Go to + sign up to receive it via email.


I am a wife and a mother. All family means the world to me. Authenticity is everything.

I am also:

🌿 Writer
🌿 Blogger
🌿 Founder
🌿 Podcast Host
🌿 Business Owner

And more.

My business partner, apart from my husband (naturally), is God.

Everything I do passes God’s strict tests first.

Empowerment (personal + business) and Sustainability are vital. They are what inform what I do & have learnt about by living fully on three continents.

It is my passion to see lives empowered, situations transformed, waste stopped & the earth a nurturing place for us all. 🌍✨

Two hashtags I use often:




I loathe slavery of any sort & hate to see people harming one another, animals, plants, wildlife, our air, our food, our precious soils. Stewardship matters.

The African sun was the one that I grew up under ✨🌞✨. I was born & raised by my British mother in South Africa. 🇿🇦

I have lived in South Africa, Australia & the United Kingdom. Currently in the countryside south of Edinburgh. I appreciate daily contact with the world. 🌏✨


Integrity, trust, hope, & love are guiding lights to me.

I hate darkness controlling lives & abuse is an anathema to me.

I am an overcomer & a survivor of all sorts and have been trained by life to be highly adaptable.

Home, Hygge, and Health mean everything.

I am prepared to take up a sword to defend or to fend off what I believe is wrong or unfair, deceptive or a blatant lie. ✨🤺

Now that I have found my own voice, back to myself after overwhelming breakdown, I can also use my pen to help to bring liberty to others.


As an overcomer I am passionate about doing life with authenticity, grace & good dose of common sense.

Excellence is a prerequisite.

🌿 🤍 🌿

I look forward to a meaningful & healthful connection with you & your business.


Holly x


Connect with me on




And yet …

This was me three years ago:

If I can overcome my shyness and fear of speaking, after total breakdown, anyone can.

I have contributed to, asked questions in and tentatively hosted a few rooms on Clubhouse since joining in January 2021, including having been invited as a Moderator to lead with others in a room about Podcasting a couple of weeks ago. That was a big one! Phew.

How have I overcome the debilitating effects of breakdown?

In simplistic terms …

It is a matter of mindset shifting, brain training, determination, perseverence, time to heal, relearned resilience and being around the right kinds of people to help and to empower you to help yourself to have courage again. That’s all.

Not easy, but that’s it. ♥️🙏🏼

And now back to the world of Clubhouse …

Join me there!

It is a whole world of possibility waiting for you and we can simply meet in my BRANDNEW weekly room … which was inspired AS I wrote this post, believe it or not …

YIKES! “Holly’s Happy Hour” starts today at 6pm UK time! Skates on. (Yes, this is how I roll 😅)

See you there!


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