The Pinterest Journey

Are you on Pinterest?

Do you understand how it all works?

I landed on Pinterest a little while ago and enjoyed the mindless wandering as I selected images that appealed to me to include on my little board … elegance, grace, tenderness, fun, chic clothes, chic and calm interiors, gorgeous gardens, pure candles, nature harmony, travel dreams, charming flower fairy sketches, bright quotes, funny memories from my childhood in Africa … and so on.

I had no idea that Pinterest has a serious side … I thought it was just a place to pin the pretty and the pointless, the gems and the genius quotes … a place to create a vision board of sorts, to savour what makes us laugh, smile, imagine for better times …

Until a friend said to me one day, at least a year ago, that she thought I ought to transform my account into a business account and start to take it more seriously.

I did what my friend said. To a point.

I had a look, I stepped back, I tried to run at it and jump right over to the far side, I glanced at it this way and that, I shared things, I posted pictures myself … as well as saving other pins (no doubt in the process of helping them to promote their wares) … but it never made sense to me HOW one might treat Pinterest as a business. No way. Nor even a business tool, if I were really honest. All the scope actually evaded me … to an extent it all actually still does.

One day I happened upon a webinar in which I was told, along with hundreds of others, that indeed Pinterest is a place to incorporate deliberately into our business workings and to promote our everything on. So, I am cognizant (should be spelled ‘cogniscent’, surely?) of this fact, but I still have not yet mastered it.

If you are on Pinterest and if you know how these things work, I would be delighted if you would help to bring more of my posts to the audience there (or anywhere, really), so that The Holly Tree Tales reaches a wider sphere of influence online.

There is so much to learn and to master, when one makes the decision to do all (or most) of what one does on the internet. Having regained my sense of self AND my old confidence to speak, I am doing what I can, as fast as I can, to be ready to hit 2021 in a more strategic and business-like way. As far as offering products and services goes – whether my own, or those I am delighted to help to promote through my online presence as well – using Pinterest should help to make this a breeze.

We shall see how this all unfolds …

Pop a comment in the space below this post if you have followed me on Pinterest and I would be delighted to welcome you!

Meantime, keep on dreaming and envisioning, because sooner or later we are going to get beyond this pandemic and we want to be ready to take our lives to the next level when it happens.

To your success!

Holly x

PS. Pinterest told me to collect this image, but I have absolutely no idea what for, so decided to use it here. We live and learn …. and never lose our sense of humour in the process. It has a pincode or something, but I have no idea what that means.

PPS. I have discovered this week that it was possible to remove the ads from my blogposts, hooray, so have done so. We have more control than we realise in this life, it seems!!

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