Writing Poems

Did you know that writing is a good way to help yourself to find answers?

Did you know that getting out of your own way and writing what wants to be written can be therapeutic as well as insightful?

Did you know that writing poetry can be an inspired creative outlet, a wonderful tool for your brain health?

I have always scribbled words and this is a little poem that ‘wrote itself’:


I am grateful for this life tool, this gift of free speech.

Writing supports my good mental health.

Try it and see how you too can grow!

If you would like to know more about how poetry can help your brain, as well as discover many other interesting insights for living abundantly and well, read “NeuroWisdom” by my friend, Mark Robert Waldman, and Chris Manning PhD. It is filled with nuggets of life wisdom.

I am sure that we can all raise the timbre of our lives by helping our brains to be well and vibrant.

Writing and writing poetry are phenomenal tools for good health, and relationship harmony is a by product of that. Did you know?

You might find that you love writing so much, that you wish to go a step further and write your own blog! WordPress can help you to do so.

Here’s to your poetry creation and the practice of writing in your daily life!


Holly x

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