The Beautiful Blues Wave Sounds

I have a thing about blues, whites, ozone and the sounds of waves, anywhere in the world.

This was filmed in March 2020, on the British East coast. Very maritime, don’t you think?


When I listen to the sound of the waves, I am transported back to a time in my life when I found comfort and strength from the song of the seas on the African coastline.

When I was growing up, in the early years, we frequently visited the South coast of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, staying in a simple house that overlooked Ifafa Beach, built and owned by very close friends of ours, the Cox Family. Ursula and Tony Cox were like parents / grandparents to me. Their home, wherever they lived, was always offered to me to consider as my home as well.

As a child, I adored Ifafa and I would love to be able to visit there now.

I remember standing on the dunetop, looking out to sea, watching ships sailing past on their way from Durban and beyond to the harbour in Cape Town, or watching trains loaded with sugarcane rattling along the tracks with their billowing loads.

It was interesting to notice how, as one walked down the dune from the garden of the house at Ifafa Beach, the sound of the waves would deaden, until you walked up the other side … and then the crashing sounds would reverberate again. The sea would make music more loudly than in the dip.

Many nights I lay in my bunk bed in the bunk room at Ifafa, wrapped in a grey blanket, listening to the sounds of Nature all around us and I slept deeply, to the soothing comfort of waves.

As I write this, I am listening to the song of the sea in the video that I made, allowing the sounds to play over and over again on the loop …

The music of the sea soothes me now as it did then, even though the coast is different, the sand is not pure white as at Ifafa, the air temperatures vastly contrasting and the vibe nothing like what I once knew.

I am grateful for the experience of my childhood in Africa; I am grateful for any chance now to be beside the sea in environments that draw my soul to what I love now, loved then and always shall.

The music of the sea is a balm to my life.

I hope it will nurture your soul, as it does mine, too.


Holly x

I love blues and whites and the sounds of the waves, anywhere in the world. These sounds were captured on a British beach. 🎶💙🤍💙🤍🎶 #Ocean #Blues #Beach #Coast #Sounds #Music #Skies #Calm #Grace #Mindfulness


Sky. Waves. Beach. White Sand. Natal vegetation. Environment.
Ifafa Beach, one of my favourite places as a child in Africa.

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