There Will Always Be Someone

DSC01435 - THTT signed - House Martin. Blue Sky. House Martin on a Telephone Wire. (c) The Holly Tree Tales.

A little positive thought of the day …

There will always be someone who runs faster, climbs higher, earns more, has a better car, smiles more broadly, is more popular …

Focus on what it is that makes your heart truly sing and leave the rest to run their own best race.

What others think never was any of our business, but what we think can change the trajectory of our lives in powerful ways.

Life is too short to keep looking over at what the other guy is up to.

Be your own best self and get on with it in all the most nurturing ways for you that you can find, to fill your tank and to guide you to your greatness and to your beingness in all the most beautiful ways.

With love,

Holly x


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