Welcome The Challenges

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It is in life’s toughest times that we have the opportunities to grow the most.

If we don’t accept those lessons, recognise them for what they are, learn from them, and expand as human beings within those labour pains, we give birth to nothing new.

It is always our choice in the testing times: learn and grow, or shrink and be defeated.

Remember that the easy lives never did produce the best leaders, nor the ones with deepest insights.

Defeat is never a great option, in any battle, but defeat can also be our greatest Teacher.

So … breathe … and stretch … and grow … and be made greater than you ever were before the pains started. They, too, will pass and you’ll awaken your own inner butterfly in the process.

Remember: butterflies have to go through that whole caterpillar, crawling, metamorphosing experience too … not until then do they grow their most beautiful wings!

Welcome the Challenges.

Trust the Process.

Be Great.




Holly x


IMG_3584 - THTT signed. Butterfly. Open hands. Freedom. Authenticity. Metamorphosis.  Hope.  © The Holly Tree Tales www.thehollytreetales.com


[This was first written as a Facebook post, on 13 May 2016.  The sentiment stands.]



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