An Accidental Writer

IMG_9446 - I am an Accidental Writer - quote by (c) Holly M Maxwell Boydell - The Holly Tree Tales -


I am an Accidental Writer.

Since childhood, I have scribbled, shared, and taught out of what I’ve learnt.

Never ever did I intend to be “A Writer” … not consciously anyway … although many encouraged me to get some story down in books. This is yet to be acquiesced to and I’m sure will come with relief and enormous sense of accomplishment, as life has provided so much challenge that I would not have known where to start.

And so The Blog. The place where you will find some of my writing … there is plenty more, stored in journals since teenage years, notes and notes and notes … words, words, words, words, words … all from life’s path, from observation, from wisdom gained, and even from pain.

There is no better way to calm the brain and to soothe the soul, than to write it down. Neuroscience is teaching us this, and simplicity with acceptance are keys to the truth …

If it matters to you, it matters indeed.

When I met Michael Palin briefly one day, his fleeting ‘word’ to me was to write for a long life. I write and I communicate with the world, in various ways, on several subjects, every single day.

Soon, an ebook, a tiny one, of poetry, once the tech skill is conquered for that. Afterwards I shall accelerate the pace and push uphill until I birth a paper book, something to hold.

Please follow my blog on, where there is a body of written work, evolving.

Thank you!


Holly x


PS. The blog also has a Facebook page.


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