Sweet Release

DSC00588 - Tulip - by Holly Maxwell Boydell - (c) www.TheHollyTreeTales.com  - Black and White. Tulip Blooming, Emerging. Release.

At times we ‘think’ out loud and, when others hear our thoughts, they are pleased to know that someone has put their thoughts into words.  This piece had such an effect on several who have confirmed that these had been similar to their sentiments as well.  Perhaps there is a new tide on the horizon after all, a collectively beneficial one.


I would like to formally thank every “Idiot” who has ever been rude to me, ever undermined me, ever underestimated me, criticised me, judged me, condemned me, chopped me off at the knees and expected me to dance, or pushed me to the back of the line in any way at all.

You have been the pressure in the presence of life that has made me shine.

Bless you.

May you rise and rise and rise, until I cannot remember any more all of the pain you have caused in my life, my resources, my career, my mind and my heart and my gut, and may you drift out of my life by the ethereal door that you came.

My brain thanks you for making me a champion, as I would have had no reason to cut the ropes otherwise.

I forgive and release you to the vapour of the skies.

You might not be reading this, but the universe is.

Go well.


“Reviresco” … I shall rise again.



Mindfully and in peace,

Holly x



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