Diamonds Are Created Under Pressure

Monday 11 February 2019. Legerwood. Pink + Blue Morning. Light. Crystal. Pure. Blue Sky. Dawn. Sunrise. (c)

It’s a pink and blue day!

The eleventh of the month. It’s the start of a new week. Two months after my last birthday, ten months before the next. I have a long list of Things To Be + To Achieve by then.

This year I have learnt a number of new skills. I am committed, determined and passionate about what I do. Every day is a precious gem.

Each day presents opportunity to grow, to learn, to rise above, to make new paths, to stretch, to relax, to listen, to meditate, to intuit and then to act. I am getting stronger by the day.

As strength comes, so do challenges and resistances; I do not allow these to sink me, but instead to teach and to fuel my growth. My WHY becomes clearer and more powerful every single day.

I am 56 now, I plan to live well beyond 100, but I am low on energy and have to find and implement new ways to live my one beautiful life. Staying stuck is not an option for me. I was designed to soar with the eagles, not to remain on the ground. I have pushed myself beyond most people’s tolerance muscles and while rising I have helped others up. I will continue to focus on purity, honesty, love, light, success, breakthrough, abundance and hope.

Resilience is a neuro muscle and mine has had a phenomenal amount of practice – strength and courage are not handed to us on a plate, nor easily digested from a silver spoon.

I have been pushed down, held back, and I will allow that resistance to power my personal growth. I have complete freedom over my mind.

This truth is available to every person who has survived the waves.  Big waves grow champions.

Have a phenomenal week.

Holly x

PS. Diamonds are created under pressure, sapphires under heat. Coal is the beginning of diamond. Focus on what’s right and do not deviate from the path of light.



Monday 11 February 2019. Legerwood. Pink + Blue Morning. Light.

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