Forgiveness Is Key To Flow

  Have you found yourself in the midst of a situation that is taking everything in you to manage or to survive within? Are you wondering whether there is light at the end of the tunnel and whether you will ever find the way out of the angst and pain that you have found yourself … Continue reading Forgiveness Is Key To Flow

Sweet Release

At times we 'think' out loud and, when others hear our thoughts, they are pleased to know that someone has put their thoughts into words.  This piece had such an effect on several who have confirmed that these had been similar to their sentiments as well.  Perhaps there is a new tide on the horizon … Continue reading Sweet Release

Forgive To Be Free

  Forgive To Be Free   When I was a teenager, after my first stepfather died, tragically, I remember discovering deep inside me a thought that the deeper the pain, the more the capacity for love / happiness / joy ... as if the pain was like a drill, making space to fill the void … Continue reading Forgive To Be Free