If You Can ~ A Poem

DSC09448 - Girl statue embraced by snow. Legerwood. Garden.  - copyright The Holly Tree Tales. com.

If You Can

If you can

Live where you love the sounds that you’ll hear

Where you love the sights that you’ll see

Where you love the feelings you get

Where you love the hope that you hear

If you can.

Where you love the people you’ll meet

Where you love the beat that you’ll feel

Where you love the sunrise or sunset

Where you love the look in people’s eyes

Live there.

If you can.


Because life is too short to live anywhere else on this earth.

So live there now.

If you can.



©️ Holly M Maxwell Boydell
Written in the United Kingdom.
7 September 2018



For a full list of poems that appear on The Holly Tree Tales’ site, please go to the Poetry page: https://thehollytreetales.com/poetry/.

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