Love is the Answer

Today (19 February 2015) I remembered a little piece I had written a couple of years back, which was ‘published’ via my Facebook page, and received with love. When I looked through my archives to find the little piece, I discovered that it had been written just before midnight, on Friday 22 February 2013. How amazing to discover that that date was very nearly exactly two years ago! Here is the little piece, inspired by a humble yet beautiful ceramic mug, given to me by a friend on my 21st birthday in 1983 …


I keep hearing about unity, how we are all one; how we all originated from the same source, how there is no point in discrimination; how if we regularly allow our minds to become quiet, we will find that we become unable to harm another living thing, become more sensitive to our “home”, the Earth; how if we listen to the needs of the children of the world, hear their voices, even adopt the logic of a child deserving a good future, we will act with wisdom …

I’m not a celebrity, so why listen to what I say, but I’ve lived and worked on three continents, and on each continent I’ve lived in several places, struggled in some, learnt to adjust amongst many different groups of people, and I can tell you truthfully … humans are the same everywhere, some just more enlightened than others.

We all have to stop being so afraid of each other, and start trusting. We have to pull together. We have to realise that, no matter where we are on this planet, we’re all on the same planet and we are all connected by the very ground we stand on. It’s really true.

Please remember this, next time you feel lonely … or tempted to act without thought for another living creature or life system, nor care for the consequences. We’re all hanging in space, and every single one of us matters. Care is the glue that will keep us and our planet together, sustainably and safe. Love is what makes that possible.

Love really is the only answer.

Blessings & love,

Holly x

PS. The mug travelled with me.

A well-travelled, much loved little mug with a potent message ... "LOVE is the answer".

A well-travelled, much loved little mug with a potent message.

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