Life is worth mastering …

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In the garden of Life.


The piece below was written upon waking this morning, Tuesday 17th February 2015, and flowed from my pen as I allowed the words to ‘write’ themselves. The thoughts come from my own experience of life, and my own journey, but the flow of words was not controlled. I simply allowed them to be, just as I am learning to do.

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of my arrival in Great Britain, home of my ancestors, from the country of my own birth, South Africa. This month, February, marks the anniversary of the sudden and tragic death of my brother-in-law, an event which catapulted me to Australia, as a young bride twenty three years ago. Nine years ago, I returned to the United Kingdom once more, older, a little wiser and with a family of my own. This month, and this year, each hold enormous significance for me personally, as do several other landmarks in my life journey, and I have had to learn (from a very early age), to take an wholistic view, rather than allow the difficulties to completely break me. I have also learnt that there are many ways of ‘being’, and that the truest is in being comfortable with yourself, whatever the environment you find yourself in.

We all stumble, we are all susceptible to the pain of our times of fall, but if we are open we can let these times build us and grow us, and we can use them as treasures on Life’s path, instead of seeing them merely as potholes. I hope that my Readers, who might also have experienced great trials, or who might be stuck with conformity to a certain norm, will be able to draw some strength from these words and that each might be inspired to grow.

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Life is worth mastering;

Why limit yourself to living in a little box?

When we open ourselves to what wants to come into our lives, enable experiences to happen, and considerately make ourselves available to what the Universe sends our way, we discover new ways of being who we are and become richer for it.

When we embrace the positive that flows towards and all around us, we find that positive experiences tend to multiply, and we notice them more and more each time.  If we have a pre-conceived idea of who we are, completely defined and exclusive, we make it hard for additional joys and learning opportunities to happen, because we have built a barrier around ourselves, which says “I am thus. Life, keep out.” However, barriers can serve a very positive purpose, when we assert their presence in order to enhance our own worth and mindful value.

Barriers are helpful in acting as signposts to others, to show the way to how we prefer to be treated, but they are not useful as mental cages, nor is it worthwhile to employ them as such. It is important to have, and from time to time to reassess, our boundaries.  Sometimes it is absolutely necessary to erect barriers against certain influences that threaten us in any way, but employing them as standard in every situation can shut us off from the oxygenating growing force of Life itself.

Negative experiences can come along to test, try or even ‘torture’ us, and some can prove to be traumatic, but there is another way of seeing those experiences, which can be used to enrich, rather than to ruin our lives.  We can transform the experiences, in our minds, into experiences of great learning, and see them as having been opportunities to grow.  With the wisdom gained, by the situation and the attitude of rising above it, we become more available to what is good, and right and positive in our life, and we learn the areas in our life situations that need to have their boundaries refreshed, to keep us safe and in wellbeing, or where barriers need to be reinforced, to keep the negative out and prevent it from re-entering our personal space.  If it does, we shall recognise it then, and quickly be able to move it along, getting rid of negativity with greater ease.

When we are open to Life, with our personal standards in place and prepared to take the risk of being real, Life offers us so much more than it would, if we were locked inside our own judgemental cage.  A ‘cage’ of conformity can provide a safe haven, but it can also turn out to be a prison.  Stand in the cage, by all means, but leave the door open to Life and recognise her when she calls, or you might never be truly free.

For our balance and sense of equilibrium, we each need to know that in Life we are, essentially, free.  The best way to be free is to be free within ourselves, to accept who we are and to love our developing selves, knowing that in our thoughts we can have complete choice and absolute liberty.  We shall need some of those ‘other’ experiences to mould us, and to help us to see beyond the barriers that we construct around ourselves, and for this to happen we need to be prepared to unlock the door and let Life lead the way … the way that calls us to the freedom of being a whole and unfettered human being, the very best that we can be.

So, why limit yourself to living in a little box?

Life is worth mastering … and that way, we set ourselves completely free.


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Holly x

6 thoughts on “Life is worth mastering …

  1. Reblogged this on The Holly Tree Tales and commented:

    This month marks the thirtieth anniversary of when I left my beloved Africa, to come to the United Kingdom, embarking on a journey whose road I could not see before me. It has been one heck of a ride.

    This particular blog post, published in February 2015 (twenty three years after leaving Britain at short notice, due to the death by suicide of my husband’s eldest brother) has been reblogged by others, for which I am immensely surprised and grateful. I thank all for the tremendous support that my words have received.

    Blessings and love,
    Holly x


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