Owning My Purpose

From a young age I have written in journals.  When one needs to try to sort out one’s thoughts about anything, I have found writing in my journals to be the very best way to clear my mind and to record what my heart is saying at the time.

It is not always easy to write; sometimes life is happening too fast to record, but when I do I am grateful for the time and the space to do so, as well as the clarity that often follows.

Knowing that I had to switch off from everything else that I usually do first thing, and instead focus on being completely quiet, to listen in and to write, instead of hearing others speak to me, this is the entry in my journal which I wrote yesterday, Thursday 17 January 2019.


Get my heart right, before I start the day,
so that I am facing the sun, and not away.

My time with God this morning is precious and it is equipping me for purpose and to succeed.

The most important thing I can do right now is to pull into God and draw my strength and my ‘filling up’ from him.

I am like a little tug, or a huge, elegant ocean liner, that needs to regularly refuel in order to do what it is designed to do.

God has work for me to do, and in order to do that work I have to have my ‘blueprint’ clear and  I have to be plugged into him at all times.

My ‘ship’s radio’ has to be fully tuned into the right station … I have got to hear and listen in to what God is saying to me.

I have to take my daily order from God and I have to keep my focus firmly in (on) his grace, his love, and on the sound of His voice, as well as what he is saying to me.

I am only responsible for myself, my own behaviour, my own thoughts, and I lead by example, whether good or bad.  I have full responsibilty for choosing how I behave.

I own my destiny and my purpose, which I work out and I work on, in the presence of God.  He is my father, mentor, teacher, guide ~  with Jesus and his Holy Spirit my very, very best of friends to teach, love and inspire me as I journey through my life.

Get my heart right, before I start the day,
so that I am facing the sun, and not away.



Mindfully and gratefully,

Holly x


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