Diamonds Are Created Under Pressure

It's a pink and blue day! The eleventh of the month. It's the start of a new week. Two months after my last birthday, ten months before the next. I have a long list of Things To Be + To Achieve by then. This year I have learnt a number of new skills. I am … Continue reading Diamonds Are Created Under Pressure

What We Work And Fight For

  The thing that you work and fight the hardest for, is the thing that will bring greatest satisfaction, and be appreciated the most, when breakthrough comes. Nothing truly worth having ever came easily, at least not without great moves of the ground beneath first ... Grace is what gets us there ... "full measure, … Continue reading What We Work And Fight For

A Study On Flow

  Several quotes and other writings that I have seen over the past week have prompted me to write a piece on the subject of flow in our lives.  This has been an interesting personal challenge, as there have been weather patterns showing their otherwise faces and things breaking down or getting completely stuck, all … Continue reading A Study On Flow

The Fruit Of Our Lives ~ A Testimony

It is the end of the second week in January.  I look outside and see a thick blanket of mist covering the countryside, visibility only possible within the boundaries of our property.  It might clear to be a beautiful sunny Winter's day later, but the weather forecast sounds gloomy.  It is hard to be upbeat … Continue reading The Fruit Of Our Lives ~ A Testimony

A Letter To God

  Prompted by WordPress' daily post writing suggestion "confess", I am publishing the 'Letter' I wrote to God this morning.  It seemed a fitting day to take stock and get a few priorities in order, before the year ends and 2018 is upon us ... This is, I suppose, more or less a modern psalm … Continue reading A Letter To God

A Little Note Of Encouragement

When you can't do any more in your own strength, you just throw the whole lot up in the air and say "God, YOU do it!", then settle back and have a hot chocolate ... Only problem is, when you open your eyes again, the piles are still there ... and then you pick up … Continue reading A Little Note Of Encouragement

Super Moon Insight

  Earlier this week, I woke to see the most magnificent moon staring in at me through the window.  It was pitch dark outside otherwise.  I opened the window, feeling the icy chill enter the room, and stuck my arm out to try and capture the moment.  Little else was visible beyond the silhouettes of … Continue reading Super Moon Insight

A Mindful Advent 2017

I sat down to write a little message, which was simply going to say what I had posted on my Instagram account yesterday, 1st December 2017: Wishing everyone a very happy Advent season and then it seemed to me that more needed to be written besides these few words.  I became mindful that so many … Continue reading A Mindful Advent 2017