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Last week, preparing to travel to Edinburgh in the snow, one of my children said to me “Mummy, you are beautiful, and you are brave”. I was overwhelmed with an emotion I do not know how to express. I only share this because, if life isn’t tough at times, we don’t grow. If life doesn’t kick like a mule, our children don’t see our bruises. If our bruises aren’t seen by our children, they cannot see what it takes to overcome them.

Please don’t be frightened about or of difficulty. Please don’t be afraid to be real. Please don’t feel alone. Please draw strength from and with those who are pulling on heaven’s ropes too.

Keep shining, whatever you’re in the midst of and know that the poo cannot last forever. Diamonds are created in the rough. Gold is refined at high temperatures. Snow is beautiful to look at … but terrifying to drive in at times. All of this I know. And I am weirdly blessed by knowing that my children are seeing what REAL looks like, knowing that it is helping to build their foundations strong and strong enough to take the waves of life, to lead, to shine, to succeed in incredible ways, making a difference every day.

Not many are built this way.

Beam on.



Holly x



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