An Accidental Writer

  I am an Accidental Writer. Since childhood, I have scribbled, shared, and taught out of what I've learnt. Never ever did I intend to be "A Writer" ... not consciously anyway ... although many encouraged me to get some story down in books. This is yet to be acquiesced to and I'm sure will … Continue reading An Accidental Writer

Channel Your Adrenaline

  Does this make sense to you? Did you know that we can find ways to use our fear as fuel, our strong WHY we wish to change our lives and become better versions of ourselves? I have experienced years of living in adrenal overdrive - it is a recipe for disaster - and am … Continue reading Channel Your Adrenaline

Think The Right Thing

"Think the right thing." đź’› Do we realise how powerful our thoughts are, how we influence much in our lives by how we think? One of my methods for dealing with diabolical situations, is to find points of humour and I easily laugh with myself. When we laugh, tension is released and we feel so … Continue reading Think The Right Thing

A Compilation Of Quotes

A compilation of five quotes to ponder mindfully as you go about your life and conduct your business today.   "You are either spreading lightness, or you are spreading darkness ~ which one feels best to you? Choose that."   *   "Love gets more done than grind and hustle do."   *   "Lose … Continue reading A Compilation Of Quotes

Raise The Vibe

  Sometimes in life, it is the fewest words that say the most. Gratitude goes a long way towards lifting the atmosphere in any environment. Appreciation for what is in our lives, what others have invested into our lives, the presence of others in our lives, the opportunities that await us or present themselves to … Continue reading Raise The Vibe

About The Word Nice

  Do you feel the same way about the word "nice"? My English teachers at school taught me to seek alternatives to the endless use of nice to describe everything. I'm so grateful to those forward-thinking women who taught me, by the use of word choices, that life can be a range of other adjectives … Continue reading About The Word Nice

A Study On Flow

  Several quotes and other writings that I have seen over the past week have prompted me to write a piece on the subject of flow in our lives.  This has been an interesting personal challenge, as there have been weather patterns showing their otherwise faces and things breaking down or getting completely stuck, all … Continue reading A Study On Flow

Why Do I Write?

  Asked: "Why Do You Write?" Answer: "I write because I can’t draw …   No, that is not entirely true. I write because it is the music I make without a keyboard with sounds. I write because I have written since I was a little girl, learning to spell, standing in line to have … Continue reading Why Do I Write?

On Holiness

  Do you know what #holiness is? Sometimes in life we wonder why we feel drawn away from the crowd, why things that others are doing does not feel right to us and holds little appeal. Sometimes we find ourselves alone in situations where it would be easier to go with the flow of the many, but … Continue reading On Holiness