Looking Back To Reach Forward

I am getting geared up to take things to the next level. There are so many dials and knobs and processes and things to check and to check into.I have been on a journey of discovery for years and years and my learning and growing and stretching and pressing in and on has continued unabated.I … Continue reading Looking Back To Reach Forward

Elevate Your Thinking

  About mindset in a troubled time ...   Elevate Your Thinking This is the perfect time for the world to learn the power of faith and elevated thinking. It behoves us all to stop spreading the F.E.A.R and instead to practise L.O.V.E. We plant a seed and we expect it to grow; the seed … Continue reading Elevate Your Thinking

A Story For Today And An Invitation

  A novel approach to true story with a twist of personal invitation to grow and to expand ... I was wandering along the path of life and kept on stubbing my little toes, tripping and falling face first into mud puddles, pressing in against the breezes that only those who have lived in Scotland … Continue reading A Story For Today And An Invitation