My Authentic Journey To Creating A Business Venture and Its Website

This morning I shared the following news via other platforms …

The HM EVENT PROMOTIONS site is birthed!!

I am thrilled to have this next step in the business and professional side of my life taken care of, to have achieved this during lockdown, in the midst of facing several big challenges and personal growth / life lessons.

Only a few are privy to the behind scenes hurdles and face-in-the-mud-setbacks, but trust me … they’ve been wrestling match, epic, enough to drown some.

The past few years have been some of the most stressful I have ever known.

There have been huge setbacks in my life, as well as some significant achievements in the midst. As I often do, I give thanks to God for keeping me going, sending the loving, unconditional care that has sustained me in my darkest and most alone hours.

I ‘birthed’ this business in December last year. It has taken ten months, almost to the day, to birth its website … the ‘beta’ version, anyway.

Yes, this year I learnt, too, about some of the MANY meanings of the word BETA. My goodness, beta seems to mean EVERYTHING!! We are all a work in progress, after all, aren’t we?? 😅✨

I worked hard, smart, fast and focused yesterday, Sunday 11 October, to birth this ‘baby’. Just as when I birthed my two children in Australia … my God, that was endurance … I gave it everything I had to pull this one out of the bag. It is not perfect, but it is fully functional and has more than three followers already!!

The business, HM Event Promotions, is designed to help YOU.

It is designed for helping others while I sleep, providing resources and empowerment that is accessible 24 hours a day, no matter where in the world clients are checking in from.

It is a PR / marketing service and only carries recommendations that I have reason to trust or use myself, to excellent effect.

This, basically, applies to everything I do or suggest.

HM Event Promotions has evolved as a business, while I have been evolving. It means that I can be anywhere in the country or the world and still be offering value to others, working from and in any location, anywhere with an excellent internet connection.

The more I think about this, the happier I feel and the more excited I am to keep building and following the path!

Check it out:

I hope you will love what you find and join me on that journey too!

In gratitude and excitement,

Holly x

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