A Story For Today And An Invitation

Ceiling. Church of The Holy Sepulchre. Jerusalem. Light. Beauty. Grace.  (c) Holly M Maxwell Boydell. www.TheHollyTreeTales.com


A novel approach to true story with a twist of personal invitation to grow and to expand …

I was wandering along the path of life and kept on stubbing my little toes, tripping and falling face first into mud puddles, pressing in against the breezes that only those who have lived in Scotland for a bit … and my golly I have lived here for the most extraordinarily long bits … would know about … chatting to the sheep, the cattle, the birds, the black labrador at the pull on the lead that ought to be slack … and I thought to myself:

“Holly, you are going to have to build a space craft. I mean, look … there is a huge field, no one in it but grass, there are some pieces of timber and there is bound to be enough tin on the old garage roof to clad it in. The wood can be used to make the fuel to shoot it into the skies and there are enough baskets stored in the coach house to make a bed to lie in while you planet off to Murs … or any other star …”

And then I looked down and saw that I had been sleeping.

So I woke up, got up, opened the curtains, looked outside … saw dawn … and nothing nothing nothing had changed since the day before!

I got down onto my bot and pulled out my Bible and I said:

“God, you are going to have to pull something out of the bag, because I am not going to waste any more of this one precious life staring at other people’s fields. I want my own field of dreams, my own tribe laughing and dancing around me and I want to play to the sound of harmonious, heart beating gorgeousness, dancing my heart out to the early hours, rather than working my fingers to the knuckle and falling asleep on my keyboard.”

“What are YOU going to do about this, God?”  I asked.

The birds sang, the dog yawned and then snored with her eyes open, winked at me and lay back down again, peeved that I was not going to venture outside the gate with her, but resigned as I was to the endless sameness of the visible world around us.

Hmmm …

And so off I went back to my keyboard bashing and my figuring out of codes and screens and any number of other technical mysteries and then suddenly somehow I found myself in front of an invitation to help someone to help others to find the way to teach people everywhere what they already knew … and I clicked the button as if in a dream, screenshotted my process, signed up and said:

“That’s me, I’m in, I’ll help you, I’ll add you to my little repertoire of affiliate clients and I’ll do my best to get this party started in my little corner of Never Never Land.”

And so I did that thing and did not have much of a clue where it would lead or land or whether I would be able to really make one iota of difference.

Fast track about five months … or maybe only three … and I have been lifted from out of the isolation of wilderness – Thank Goodness I installed wifi on that afternoon of attic dust, cobwebs, mouse droppings, dead bat, and 4.5 hours of stuff to install fibre broadband all by my little broad self – and I have made new friends around the world, in addition to many already precious, and I have revved up my capacity to zip from one thing to another and I can flick on a website landing page in no time and share links and correct mistakes like lightning …

But there are still some things I haven’t mastered and I am so looking forward to cracking them too …





AND SO, for those who are waiting to hear from me via email about exciting happenings in the world of SELF EDUCATION and the KNOWLEDGE BUSINESS and how we might all be amazing teachers to others of our fabulous life secrets … please use this link to register for the LIVE ONLINE TRAINING with Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, which would be an absolute travesty to miss, because it is going to be truly, madly, deeply brilliantly energising and super informative.

It is a once a year thing, ie the LIVE TRAINING, and will be a couple of hours of precious life hugely well invested and joyful.

I invite you to register now … already more than 350,000 people have signed up to be there …

Here’s my special link: http://bit.ly/32uSQcOTHTT

Michelangelo. The Creation of Adam. Finger of God. Postcard on Pinboard ~ The Holly Tree Tales.  (c)  www.TheHollyTreeTales.com


Even if it is in the middle of the night for you, do it. You will not regret this!

I look forward to hearing that you have loved every minute of your adventure that results from this invitation,  most especially starting with the training by Tony and Dean and Russell, when they share their ‘secrets’ with the world online.

Mindfully and excitedly,

Holly x

PPS.  The rocket ship still lives in my dreams and I fully intend to explore life with it in all sorts of wonderful imaginary ways. Life’s so precious and it is what we make it. Let’s grab it and fly with it while we can. The sky is only the limit’s beginning!!



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