You Are Loved

To Every One who needs this …

You are loved.

The rose was picked in my garden in Autumn 2020.

I love you.

Never never never give up.

Keep on.

Do not allow fear to take the driving seat.

Keep on.

Keep smiling, keep shining, keep getting back up again.

Keep on.

Keep on.

You have everything within … go there for the answers.

God designed you beautifully.

God is the best Architect …

Look deep into the rose and take a breath …


Do you feel it?

Can you sense the grace?

Can you connect with that?

Sit with the sense of oneness with all Creation

And know …

You are loved.

God loves you.

I love you.

We are His children on Earth

And we are each powerfully and beautifully designed to THRIVE.

Dig deep.

Connect with the spirit within that WANTS the very best for you

That WANTS YOU TO BE FULL-FILLED and loved and appreciated and shining, filled with light, love, hope and joy …

You are perfectly designed to be utterly divinely blessed and in tune with the perfect processes on this Earth

And to resonate with all the unseen LOVE-LINESS and all the RICHNESS of a perfectly designed and crafted Universe.

Trust the process.

Be mindful.

Breathe in LIFE.

Breathe in HOPE.

Breathe in HEALTH.

Exhale all that is not for you and release it.

Be the fragrance that you most want to be around.

Be in the right ‘soil’ for your growth and for your abundance and wholeness.

Be aware.

Be careful.

Be free inside to make the right choices.

Be free inside.


You are loved.

This rose is a very, very small reminder.

Look deep into Nature.

All is well.

Now keep on.

Keep on.

And smile.

You are loved.

This rose is divinely fragranced.

This rose …

Is for YOU.

You are in this beautiful rose too.

We are all connected.

Keep on.

You are loved.

You are loved.

You are.

YOU are Designed For Love.


That’s NeuroScience too.

Keep on.

You are loved.

This rose is a symbol.




With my love,
Holly x


Holly Maxwell Boydell
United Kingdom. 4 May 2021.

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