A Talking Hearts Podcast Story

A Talking Hearts Podcast Story

Fridays Live With Holly.
The real deal behind scenes.
Friday 10 July 2020.

I had to really concentrate and not muddle up my words.

I was still trying to understand what I was doing.

I did not know the difference between most of the elements in the journey and was winging it all the way. Flying solo without a licence. Bungee jumping on a thread. Put myself out there, quite possibly bait for sharks.

I did it afraid.

I did it only half informed.

I was so damn determined not to waste the resources I had been provided with by the Universe.

I had attended one lesson on podcasting by none other than John Lee Dumas (yup, freaky that) during my KBB Course (which I’d graduated from on 29 June 2020) and I was flying this plane utterly exhausted.

I have been exhausted for years.

But I have also drawn on every little and large anything that God puts on my path, as if I have blinders on, I simply go where I am shown.

I am doing most of what I do inspired.
Seriously …

And looking back over the roadmap of my history and herstory, I can see some of the elements that have been included, the tough and the shiny smooth, along my entire 58 years thus far.

I broke apart in 2006 in more ways than I could fix …

And God has been putting me all back together again, filling all the cracks with shiny gold, as people pray and encouragement comes in private whispers or on screens where all can see …

The broken jigsaw of my early life has also been being restored and I have discovered more of my story that was completely withheld. It is unreal, to be honest.

I have lived with so much irony and ‘ploughed through muddy waters on foot’ .. yes, a metaphor, which also shows how I always stay connected, no matter what, to the source, the current, the real stuff, the Earth, rather than putting all my trust in fallible human beings.

I got a “standing f….. ovation” yesterday, as one lady wrote to me, privately, after I’d been on a stage on Clubhouse.

If I’d have been on an actual stage, I think I would have folded in half and balled on the boards.

Instead, I sat there … stunned … goosebumps … and then stood up and pounded the air with my fists, did a Zulu dance and whooped silently as I danced through spaces to have my bath. And I sang! I sang! My tears were locked up.

Yes. The journey continues and it is gaining momentum fast. I really need a team, but am cracking on as best I can until I get that side of things sorted.

My phone was not allowing me to transfer this video to a hard drive, so I thought “Ok. Let’s see if FB will handle it”, just so that I could get the big file off my phone.

It was going to be invisible and then my fingers started to write …

And now we have a story …

And I still haven’t told you what this “episode” was called ..

And I have only just taken a look at the TALKING HEARTS PODCAST to find out for myself:

Fridays Live With Holly – Episode 10 – AWARENESS + Your WHY – 10 July 2020.”

That’s it!

Now we can both listen, to find out what I said and how the adventure went!!


I hope this is the one where the mic was plugged in. 🙆🏼‍♀️😂✨✨✨

Do give the podcast some love, please, even if you think it would be pushing the “unconditional” boat out, because soon I’ll be diving off another high board, jumping into another flying plane (metaphor), to bring you some AWESOME GUESTS!!!

Guess who is first!?!!!

Yup. JLD.How that happened, I have no idea, but what I DO KNOW is that JLD also dived into podcasting not knowing what he was doing and is now an authority in more ways than podcasts.


Here’s the podbean link and you can listen to the entire collection thus far, warts and all, on any of the main podcast platforms: https://thehollytreetales.podbean.com/

Much, much love

And now you go out and do something outside YOUR comfort zone …

I did NOT do this for nothing, you know?

I did and do this because I am compelled to by an inner compass and drive and I do it to help to empower others as I learn the ropes myself.

This is what I’m talking about: EMPOWERMENT.

I am passionate about freedom and releasing chains, whether we want to be and experience the best in our personal, relational, or business lives.

Let’s go …

Let’s Be The Change!!


Holly x

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