How To Break Out Of Frustration

What are the things that are ‘eating’ you?

What do you want to change?

You’re feeling as if life is pressing against you … and maybe it is.

You’re feeling as though the harder you work, the tougher the climb … and maybe it is.

You’re feeling that tautness in the pit of your belly and can’t seem able to shift it … maybe you won’t …

Until you pinpoint what exactly it is that is ‘eating you’.

Allow me to help you to start to unwind the coiled up spring inside you that has such a grip on your life.

Allow me to help you to find the strings that can be unravelled, so that you can make some sense of the mess.

Allow me to help you to begin to see that the door of the cage can be opened and that there are ways for you to fly to the freedoms that you desire.

Get yourself a piece of paper, or a journal, and a pen.

Now, sitting calmly with your feet on the ground, preferably with your shoes off …

I want you to close your eyes and listen to your breathing, as you take three slow, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth …

Do you notice that you feel calmer?

Now, let’s do that mindful breathing exercise again … breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose. Do this three times.

Now that we are more relaxed, I want you to close your eyes again and make your body really tense … hold it for ten seconds … and relax …

Now, take a deep breath in and YAWN … stretch … relax … as you breathe out all the pent up frustration …

Again: deep breath in … YAWN … stretch … relax …

Do this relaxed, mindful yawning exercise once more, so that you have done it three times. You may do this more, if it helps you to do so.

NOW you are ready to write.

Pick up your pen.

Ask yourself:

What is eating me?

What do I want that is not going my way?

What is behind my struggle?

Without judgement, without analysing, write down the things that come to mind. Simply write them down. Simply allow yourself to be heard.

When you have written everything that needs to be written, every answer that comes from your relaxed, mindful awareness, you may stop writing and simply glance at your list.

Set your list aside, knowing that it is safe.

This is the important first step.

Now that you have a list of things, do not try to analyse or judge their merit or worth. Simply set the notes aside in a safe place, so that your brain knows that the information is there and does not need to keep hassling you to find it in your life or in someone else’s.

At another time you will come back to the list, with mindfulness and gentle curiosity, and you will begin to put the pieces together in a calm, relaxed and strategic way.

For now, you have this precious note to help you. It is a vital part of the jigsaw puzzle. It is the first step.

If more things occur to you that can be added to this list, write them down when they come to mind. Simply deposit them for now, where they will be safe until you feel the prompt to revisit and to address them in a focused way.

The second step is to transfer your thinking to what is good and is a blessing in your life, instead of all the frustration, so that your brain has that to focus on rather than keeping stuck on old tunes.

Once again I want you to mindfully stretch … YAWN … relax … do this three times …

And then write down on a separate sheet of paper, or in your Gratitude Journal, THREE THINGS THAT YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR.

Savour these.

Now do the relaxed, mindful YAWN and stretch exercise again … and when you are ready, continue with your day.

Your brain will help you to find the way, but you must help your brain by learning to listen to intuition and good inner guidance, so that you can take the right steps to change your life for the better.

You will get there, but first you must take the inventory and get your co-ordinates sorted out.

Calm, relaxed mindfulness is what helps to unravel a jumbled ball of wool and that same technique helps this process of sorting out your life.

Relaxed, mindful awareness is the starting point.


Holly x


PS. If you want to learn more about how your brain can help you, I recommend Mark Robert Waldman’s book NEUROWISDOM, which he co-authored with Chris Manning.

Go to my Reading List for more good book suggestions.


Bonus TIP: Do the relaxed, mindful awareness exercise, yawning and stretching and breathing calmly, each hour throughout the working day, as this will help you to stay focused on important tasks and will help you to be well, making good decisions in the process.


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