My Journey Beyond Breakdown And How Brain Training Has Helped Me

Are you searching for hope in some way, shape or form?

Are you feeling as though the fog just will not lift and you cannot find the will or the way to climb out of a situation?

Dear Readers,

You may have noticed that I have shared a few prompters lately, inviting you to register to attend the latest Brain-A-Thon that is organised and hosted by John Assaraf, head of NeuroGym?

There is a very real reason why I have been so keen to share this with my audience, as I have found myself liberated from anxieties and limitation that were holding me back from living my best life.

I want to invite you to hear what and how this happened and to listen closely as I share from my heart.

There are still situations and circumstances in my life that I am working on and through. That is true of most people, anyway.

I shall not pretend for a moment that everything is perfect in my life.

I feel that it would be sad not to share with those whom I might help that there is also help available for you, if you need some assistance to get unstuck, in order to reach your potential and your goals in life.

On Friday 13 November 2020, I decided to hop onto Facebook, to make a live appearance and share my story with my audience there. This was organised on the spur of the moment, with about an hour to spare and I spoke to the camera completely and utterly unrehearsed.

I invite you to listen in to this recording, which runs for around three quarters of an hour, in which I share the very real story of some of my earlier life and how I landed up in the mess that I did around fourteen years ago.

As you will hear, Brain Training has helped me to break free to a significant extent, to overcome fears and all sorts of debilitating after effects of breakdown in 2006.

Now, having heard my story and heard what I have pushed through, the next step is …

Click here to take you to the page to register to attend the FREE screening of the brandnew Brain-A-Thon hosted by NeuroGym.

I hope that this sharing of my story will be helpful and inspirational for you and would ask that you please share this with anyone whom you think might be helped to hear about the Brain-A-Thon and the Neurogym resources as well.

Mindfully yours,

Holly x

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