You Are A Child Of The Universe

Let’s get things into perspective …

You have value and you are enough, no matter how you have been treated.

In life we come across all sorts of people and we go through all sorts of situations.

Sometimes people treat us badly and sometimes we take on the sense of being worthless or not quite up to par.

No one has the right to treat another human being badly, no matter who they are, and no one has the right to tell you whether you have value or not.

Usually those who treat others as if they were “less than” are people who have complexes and skewed views of the world. Sometimes they are people who have been damaged or bullied in some way and so, to make themselves feel better, they try to pass on the shame.

This is not yours to carry and it is not your fault.

You have value and you have worth, no matter who you are.

Each of us has a God-given right to be happy and whole on this earth.

Listen to those who affirm you and spend more time focusing in those who uplift than on those who drag down.

You are a Child of the Universe, just like anyone else.

With love,

Holly x

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