It Is All About Time

Do you have more Time?

I heard someone say the other day that we have more time during Lockdown.

Hmmm …

Do you have more time during Lockdown?

I find that I have more to do, more to think about, more to care for, more to squeeze into a day … and less energy, because I am in one place doing all the things I did before … but things are different.

If we are working from home, we are carrying loads that we might not have carried before. We are ‘on air’ much of the time, doing more in front of screens (think health here), we’re opening our homes to strangers who are also possibly seeing us in our vulnerability …

We have a smorgasbord of possibilities and an avalanche of information to process.

So … what choices are best TODAY?

Best focus on those, as we plan for later.

Don’t waste this moment.
That’s all.


Holly x

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