Maintaining Optimism

This week I am speaking in a few different places about the need to maintain optimism in any situation.

I have found that optimism is the one factor that has enabled me to overcome most of the hardships in my life and that being an Optimist has made it possible for me to get back up again, each time I have felt myself falling down.

While I understand that there are those who believe that it is the Pessimists who survive in certain extremely trying circumstances, this is not a view I have any interest in adopting myself and, were I to have been a Pessimist, I think I would have remained broken at various stages of ‘collapse’ in my adult life.

Certainly, my childhood would have been a very poor place to live, if I had not maintained a cheery and possibility-thinking mindset throughout. My childhood was fraught with change, challenge, heartache, confusion and dramatic upheaval from a very early age – right through until I finished senior school. Throughout, I maintained an air of optimism … that has proven to be a saving ‘grace’.

If I were to dwell incessantly on negativity in myself, in situations, in the ways other people behave, in the circumstances we find ourselves in on this planet, in the dangers that others’ actions put our lives into and so on … then I think I would become the most morose, depressed, sickly and poverty-minded human being. This is not who I am. This has never been who I am, except for the times when certain situations and life events have overwhelmed me.

So, I am in a very strong position, having overcome all sorts of things, in all sorts of ways and places and atmospheres, to advise others that we ought never, never to fail into the trap of being negative, limited thinking ‘Pessimists’. Instead, let’s adopt the stance of the ‘eternal Optimist’, as that is what wins.

I strongly encourage everyone I encounter to face facts, to accept the truth of brutal situations, to do what we each can in our own power / control to improve things as appropriate, but always to take and maintain an optimistic approach.

Optimism acts as a beacon of light that draws us forwards into success and multi-faceted winning gains.
Optimism gives us hope and keeps us moving forward.
Optimism rewards us with the reason to get up and keep trying.
Optimism keeps groups together where otherwise their adherence to common goals would fail.
Optimism grows businesses during times when others complain.
Optimism feels the fear and yet finds a way to take the action required … anyway.
Optimists do it afraid.

Yesterday I spoke briefly to the audience I have on Facebook, on this subject, and there I read a brief poem, which I wrote in 1983. The poem is called “My World” and was published on my blog in July 2017. You can read it here:

If you would like to listen to my message on Facebook about Optimism, please go to

Tomorrow, Friday, I shall be continuing this conversation on my podcast “Talking Hearts”, which you can listen to live at 4pm UK by going to

Soon I shall learn how to embed the audios and videos into blogposts!

Until next time, thank you for all encouragement and support of the blog and for my speaking and writing on various platforms at the moment.

Stay safe, stay well, stay home where you can, and keep on being optimistic!

Holly x

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