For Now There Is Isolation


Take a good look at the picture. What feelings does it conjure up for you?
What is your initial impression of the image, as it relates to our world right now?

~ : ~

These are my thoughts, as shared in an Instagram post earlier today …

Life might feel like this at the moment, but do you know how much life there is in this picture?


Hold on. Things will get better. They might have to get worse, but they will get better. Childbirth is like that and Nature has its cycles too. These are the things we can learn from.

Hold onto hope, find calm, and use the time to grow. Later is when we’ll see the fruits and the harvests.

For now there are Winter moments but within them are also many moments of Spring.

For now there is isolation, but not far away there is rebirth, regrowth, rejuvenation, gatherings of all sorts, renewal in many ways and there is togetherness afresh.

There will be recovery when there will be recovery.

We can and shall get through this time and we’ll have grown one way or another as a result of it.

Find ways to become better out of this time.

Find ways to love and to give, find ways to be calm, creative and at one with what brings renewal and hope and joy, wherever you can.

Stay safe and stay home for others’ sakes.

Know too that you are loved.


Holly x




Prayers online:
If you are wondering how to manage during this time of isolation and would find it helpful to hear a prayer to encourage you and perhaps to pray along with, here is a prayer for you and for your loved ones, friends, colleagues and others you know:

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